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About Lesson Co-Op

A Co-Op for Educators
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Our Mission

Create an active sharing environment for educators?

Every person has different strengths and so much is required to provide an enriching teaching environment. The creative teacher has fantastic, beautiful resources often made by hand. The technical teacher understands teaching methods. We foster the sharing worksheets, units, and creative materials along with the technical, research-based, approaches to help students and teachers thrive.

Our Vision

Provide Quality, Affordable Resources For All Educators

Whether teaching in a school or homeschooling sons and daughters, teaching is a tough and under-appreciated job. We provide an environment for educators to save money on teaching resources and provide a way for teachers to make a little extra money from the resources they create. Creatives can sell products through their own personal selling portal. Those in need can buy and earn resources as active members in our co-op.

A Message From


My Name is Deann Schweitzer. My goal is to bring teachers, homeschoolers, students, parents — everyone together to share educational resources. As one who has filled every one of those roles I know the work involved in preparing, teaching and learning. Working together to create resources and share teaching tips will only benefit the future generation of our world – students today, teachers tomorrow.